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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

IplusInfotech / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Q : What is a website?

A : A Website is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files that includes a beginning file called a home page. A company or an individual tells you how to get to their Website by giving you the address of their home page. From the home page, you can get to all the other pages on their site.

Q : Why we need a website?

A : A website is your most powerful tool for communication. A website is a unique way to connect with the world. Whether you choose to create a website to share your passion for music, inform people of your business, sell products, or any other reason—there are no boundaries to what you can do!

Q : What is a Domain Name?

A : A domain name functions on the virtual world more or less like the physical address in the physical world. It is a name that creates the identity on internet through www. In other words, it’s the foundation of your website on internet. It is the address that internet surfers use to find and explore your website. Once you have registered the domain, nobody can buy the similar domain on internet in the near future.

Q : What is Hosting?

A : Hosting is about storing your website files on servers connected to a very fast network. Internet hosting enables your site to become live and accessible via World Wide Web (www) globally. There are two types of hosting that you can choose from for your website, free hosting and paid hosting. If you choose paid hosting (also known as individual hosting) there will no advertisement on your website, whereas if you choose free hosting there will be forced display of advertisements on your website. Free hosting adversely affects the foundation of digital branding.

Q : What is Responsive Design Website?

A : One Website, many devices compatible, in other words responsive web design is a design that consists of flexible layouts and grid that automatically changes to suit the device being used by the user. For example, as he or she switches from using laptops tablet (TABS), the website changes in a bid to accommodate the new screen size, resolution, image size and other script abilities.

Q : What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing?

A : Search engine optimization is a technique to build organic web traffic and improve website rankings in Google through optimizing keywords, link building and building online relationship with available directories.