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IVR Hosting

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IVR service is also known as Interactive Voice Response Services. That is commonly using gathering the response through spoken words. It can use a prerecorded voice message. The user is asked to enter their preferences through the keypad of telephone or mobile. It is very cost effective and one can send the message at any time, anywhere with very low cost.

Benefits of IVR

IVR enables bulk voice messaging and configuration of complex call flows for the creation of easy user experience and it is easily integrated with third-party databases

IVR enables free caller wait times with its free queue manager and a caller is getting known about their wait-time so that they can call back at a definite time without wasting a moment from their busiest schedule.

Those Businesses who have been used IP based IVR services greatly depends on this technology as it reduces the hardware costs and minimizes the network infrastructure by nearly 75%.